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My Hair Journey Story... Can you relate

Facebook has a way of reminding you of past events, pictures and comments that you posted on Facebook. These normally bring a smile to your face. Seeing pictures from a vacation, while you are having a drink by the beach. Or cute motivational quotes that you shared on your page. Well, I received a past comment that I made about my hair and it wasn't nice at all. It brought back some really bad memories too. I simply wrote "I hate my hair!!!". Very power and negative statement. I wrote this in 2001, when I was transitioning to wearing my hair in its' natural state. In the comments section was many encouraging statements "Girl you got this!", "Don't worry just wear a wig.", and my favorite "It'll grow back." It feels like a lifetime ago but I still can remember the dry, frizzy, hard to manage hair. It was so hard to find a product that would work with my hair and even with other products. Combining products can be a nightmare for natural hair.

Let me explain. If I purchased a creamy custard and applied it to my hair, after a fresh wash, my hair felt amazing, well..... for at least half the day. It was soft and seemingly manageable. Well, until it started to dry and then it reverted back to the dry, dull and frizzy hair. Sometimes in the middle of a work day. It was so frustrating. I would try to add some oil, which just ran down my neck. Oh yeah, lets try a leave-in conditioning spray or better yet apply more of the creamy custard. Well, if you have every done any of these things, then you know that oil will separate the creamy custard, leaving behind small pieces of white residue throughout your hair. Too much product starts to lump your curls together and the oil can't penetrate the hair with all that product. In the end, I looked crazy and my confidence was diminished.

It was then, that I know that I needed to research proper hair care for my hair type. I started researching natural products that would help soften my hair and oils that would stimulate hair growth. I like to say, that I was hungry for knowledge and committed to taming my hair. There was no turning back. I was going to grow my natural hair and find my confidence again.

Off topic, but sometimes we are the worst supporters during this journey. I still can remember the looks that other women gave me while my hair was transitioning. It was as if their eyes were saying "You look a hot mess." or "Why, just Why?" I would smile and try not to notice but the negative impact pushed through my body like a fist to the face. It hurt. But I hurt in silence, just like many of you,

Finding confidence in your hair is a journey. This was the start of my journey.... What's yours?

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